'The Way' Release Date & Cover Art!

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Today, Ariana announced the release date of her upcoming single 'The Way' featuring Mac Miller. She will be releasing it on March the 26th! Everyone is super excited for the single, and are talking about it all over twitter. Ariana posted some of the lyrics to 'The Way' on her ask.fm, here they are-

U give me that kind of somethin, want it all the time need it every day. On a scale a 1 to 10 I'm at 100,never get enough I can't stay away. If u want it I got it I got it everyday. U can get whatever u need from me. Stay by your side I'll never leave ya. Said I ain't goin nowhere cause you're a keeper. So don't you worry baby you got me. Got a bad boy must admit it. You got my heart dunno how you did it. And I don't care who sees it babe, I don wanna hide the way I feel when ur next to me. I love the way. I love the way. Baby I love the way.
I love the way. The way I love you.

Ariana also tweeted a picture of the cover art for the single, here it is-

The single is going to be amazing! We can't wait! It's less than 2 weeks till it will be released, make sure to buy it on iTunes! x

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