Twitlonger & Teaser #2

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Today Ariana posted the second teaser for her upcoming single The Way. The song will be released on the 26th of March (in five days) and Ariana has already released a first teaser. She sang part of the song in her Z100 interview, as part of her radio tour promoting the way. Here is the second teaser-

Ariana also made a tweet longer thanking her arianators for supporting her and helping her promote The Way. She talks about how excited she is about the single and that she is so happy we are all sharing it with her, here it is-

One sappy twitlonger with a side order of too much information coming you're way. So like... don't laugh at me. You're absolutely gonna laugh at me but I literally cried at dinner because this is all so exciting to me. I'm such a sook lol. These past few days traveling, not getting any sleep, meeting you guys, seeing your tweets and your excitement about my record, counting down the days has all been so overwhelming. I don't think you guys realize how much music really means to me. I know you do realize obviously but I just feel like I need to express it anyway. Like music is my life. I've really worked so hard these past 2 years and now that the time is finally here for real (no more "soon") and I'm going around to radio stations talking about it and promoting it and handing out posters with my cover art on it for my single and meeting some of my favorite DJs and radio stations. Like I just can't believe that all of this is happening. Aside from all of that, I come online and I see your tweets and your hilarious images you post to express your excitement and I see the pictures you send of the flyers you guys are putting up around your schools and your towns and I just can't. I'm such a mess I always tear up looking at your tweets recently. Like I think something's definitely wrong with me lmao. And I'm probably going to get tons of hate for saying all this too but I don't really care. I feel like I need to express my gratitude. I'm the happiest I've ever been in a long time. So thanks from the bottom of my heart for being a part of all of this and making me so happy and for being here for me. I appreciate it more than you know and I hope I can do the same for you for many many years. I love you!
………………..She doesn't even go here.

This is so embarrassing but I'm posting it bye

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