Ariana's Upcoming Single - 'The Way'

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Today, Ariana announced on Twitter, the name of her new single, coming out this march. The song it titled 'The Way' and Ariana said that it is her favourite yet! 
On Twitter Ariana held a competition, where the first 300 people to guess the correct release date for the single, will win a signed copy. We can't wait to see who the winners are! 
Ariana tweeted-

My new single  comes out this month. The 1st 300 people to guess the date get signed copies. Winners/date announced Fri. Use 

We are super excited for the release, Ariana has answered heaps of questions on her ask.fm about The Way, she told us that-
- She will be going on a radio tour to promote it
- That is was written by Harmony and Chris
- That it is an upbeat kind of song

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