Ariana Filming New Music Video

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Yesterday, Ariana spent hours filming another new music video, she hasn't told us which song it's for, but it is most likely going to be one from her album. She wears a gorgeous, Tim burton inspired dress and she straightened and temporarily dyed her hair black. Ariana filmed since 4 in the morning, till super late at night and she tweeted throughout the day. She tweeted-

Almost done at this video shoot. My eyelids won't stay open. Come on Ariana u can do this.

I've been filming the video all day but I just wanted to say I saw what u trended #1 today and U guys are just the best. Thank u so much.

Just found out we're gonna be filming until 4am

Happy weekend loves. Shooting another music video today. Have to dress like a Tim Burton character... and my hair is black. Hmmmm.

Ariana posted some pictures of her on set, here they are-

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