Filming Swindle In Vancouver & Fresno Tickets

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The name of the movie Ariana in filming in Vancouver has been released, it is a nickelodeon original TV movie called 'Swindle' and is based on a kids story book, here is what it is about-
"With daring heists, crazy disguises, pie fights and sumo wrestlers, the network greenlights Swindle, an original TV movie featuring an impressive ensemble cast of Nickelodeon stars. When an evil collector cons Griffin out of a million dollar baseball card that could have saved his best friend’s home, he unites a ragtag group of his classmates who need to work as a team to take down the swindler. Swindle is based on a popular children’s book by Gordon Korman. Production will commence this fall in Vancouver, Canada."

Ariana also tweeted the link to her Fresno tickets, she is performing at 'The Big Fresno Fair' where her tickets are only $12 (+ fair entry) which is super cheap, so any arianators near Fresno should definitely see the concert- Look at the tickets here

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