Pics, Keeks and New Cover

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Over the past few days, Ariana has been tweeting heaps, since she arrived back from New-York she has posted heaps of pics, one is of a gorgeous kitten she wants, a colour version of a pic she posted a few days ago, a pic of her apartment view in New York, a pic of her headphones, eyemask and teddy and a cute pic of her baby, aka dog Coco.

Ariana also posted a new cover on her Twit-music page, it is of a song called 'Somewhere That's Green', she made it in her singing lesson with her phone last week, here it is and what she tweeted-

 Keeks Here are all the Keeks Ari has posted over the last few days
mattbennett @oddfuckingtaco & @earlxsweat Helium from bday balloons (Pardon Taco's naughty username) lol 💗

 du wop @mattbennett

| The best "good morning" entrance ever. I love u so much @FrankieJgrande #50ShadesofGrey #JohnnyDepp @alexaluria

| Fireworks from last night.. How was everyone's Fourth of July? Xo

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