A LOT of Keeks & Instagram Pic

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Today, Ariana has been posting heaps of videos on Keek especially of her birthday party last night. She spent the day filming and posted 6 Keeks from her party, one of her friend Colleen
(aka Miranda Sings), one of Glozell singing, one of a really good performance, aswell as one of Ari singing with her friends (blurry, but Ari stands out). She also posted two videos of her brother and friends playing monopoly. I sounded like Ari's party was great with lots of talented, entertaining performances.

                           Love this.. Here's @colleenb123 transforming into Miranda lol.. #genius Mirandasings08 on YouTube @mirandasings
                                1 of my fav moments of my party last night.. @Glozell singing And I Am Telling You.. Lol #lovehersomuch
|                            Also, thank you miss @shoshanabean.. You're the most talented freak of nature ever. Listen 2 this girl.. #loveu
|                      Need a better version of this vid but 4 now here's a clip of me & my friends singing Without Love last night..
|                                 Playing monopoly.. Such a happy birthday girl... Frankie's in the funniest mood ever.. look at this lolll
 Oh my god @adamjkantor lol #marvingardens

Today Arianas friend, Alexa posted this pic on Instagram of these delicious milkshakes they got-

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