Ariana Gets a Small Love Heart Tattoo

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Its offical- Ariana has got a tattoo, it is a tiny love heart on her right foot 2nd toe, she posted a video of her getting it. We <3 it (see what we did there), what do you guys think. Getting a tattoo shows a very different side to Ariana, she is still just as sweet though.

Here is the video-

Ariana got the tattoo while she was filming a duet with LMFAO (she said it is a 'Fun' duet [Not tattooed heart])

Here is a Very Long List Of Things Ariana Tweeted About Her New Tattoo-
(Top Most Recent)

To be honest, when we first heard about the tattoo, we were suprised, since we did not think Ariana would do that, but we soon realised how great it looks and why Ariana got it. We <3 It.

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