Ariana Grande OceanUp Interview

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Theese are some videos we found on youtube of Ariana being interviewed by the teen gossip website OceanUp.

This video is the latest and was posted late Feburary 2012. Ariana talks about 'Put Your Hearts Up', her musical inspirations, her favourite songs, and her music.

This video was posted in November and it is another interview, this one is made in a clothes shop, Ariana talks more about her clothes style in this video. She talks about, colours, shoes, brands and everything she did over christmas.
In this video Ariana has a fringe, she looks really pretty but we thing it is just an extension.

This video was made almost a year ago, it was made around when season 2 of vicTORIous started screening so Ariana talks a bit about that. She also talks about recording music, acting, singing, what songs she is listening to and generally what she has been doing lately.

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